The successor to the original Messerschmitt KR200 Sport

Messerschmitt 300 Super, the fastest Messerschmitt

At first glance, the record-breaking vehicle from the 1950s and the one from the 21st century are almost indistinguishable. “A design of this quality and with this iconic character must be treated with the utmost respect!” emphasizes Joachim Adlfinger, the father of the new edition of the Messerschmitt cabin scooter. His main focus was on improving the technology. The model for this vehicle is the record-breaking vehicle that covered 2,500 km in 24 hours on the Hockenheim Ring in 1955, setting 25 records in the process. The aim at the time was to demonstrate the reliability and resilience of Messerschmitt vehicles. Quality and reliability are also the top priorities for this replica. A 22kW/30hp 300cc four-stroke engine from the latest production is used. The power is transmitted directly to the rear wheel via a maintenance-free belt drive. Large 13 and 14-inch wheels with appropriately sized disc brakes decelerate smoothly and powerfully. The body has been widened and its dimensions modeled on the original from 1955. The single-seater design underlines the sporty character of this unique vehicle, where only the driving experience and the driver count. With this vehicle, we present a unique piece of vehicle history, the legend is alive!

After opening the cockpit, you can see the technical finesse with which the attributes of the past have been adapted into this handmade one-off. The seat shell with the four-point safety belt is mounted close above the floor assembly, the pilot literally lies in the vehicle. The removable steering wheel, the aluminum footrests on the pedals and then the body itself, made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, offers maximum stability at a very low weight. The driving performance is correspondingly sporty, the 30 hp engine accelerates the lightweight vehicle breathtakingly. The handling is precise and playfully light thanks to the use of rack-and-pinion steering, and the braking system works effectively and evenly. Drivers who have high demands on performance and driving dynamics and are looking for an exclusive one-off are in the right place with this vehicle. It is unlikely that there will be a second example of this handmade one-off. If you are looking for a piece of vehicle history equipped with the latest technology, you have found it here. A TÜV approval with subsequent road approval is possible after consultation with our technicians.

Driving licenceClass 3 or new class B driving licence
Chassis:Extrem torsion-resistant lattice tube-Hybrid steel composit chassis. All steel parts hot-dip galvanised
Engine:1 cyl. 300cc 4T EURO 5 EFI injection engine with 22 KW/30 hp
Gear Box:CVT Automatic.
Fueltank:9 litres, range max: approx. 200 km*
Seat:Fabric upholstered with integrated 6-point racing harness. Seat position adjustable in length for pilots from 150cm to 195cm
Storage compartments:USB socket at the rear side, storage compartments at the side and rear of the bonnet
Suspension:4 adjustable oil pressure/spring units. Tyres: 140/70-14 at the rear, 120/70-13 at the front.
Rims:Aluminium S.I.P. High Performance. Rear: Aluminium (integrated motor)
Steering:Rack and pinion steering, F1 style with quick-release function, but with steering wheel lock. Bodywork: GRP. Lockable entrance/door, Perspex windscreen.
MirrorLeft and right in carbon look
Brakes:Hydraulic disc brakes on all wheels, 180mm at the front, 240mm at the rear
Parkbrake:Mechanical handbrake acting on rear disc
Frontlights:LED main headlights with low-beam high beam function, LED daytime running lights.
Rearlights:LED indicators, parking/stop light
Dimensions:L295cm X B136cm X H90cm
Turning circle:8,9m
Top Speed:120km/h* in the open version
Dry weight:Ca. 220kg
Max. Load:140kg
(* The maximum speed and range depend on the weight, licence class and road conditions).
We are constantly developing our vehicles and therefore reserve the right to make changes to the products at any time and without prior notice.