Messerschmitt kit for the do it yourself project.

Messerschmitt Kit Car

The following components are included:

  • Complete GRP body as shown in the pictures
  • Hinges & locks
  • GFK interior trim parts
  • Fully galvanized tubular frame
  • Front axle complete with wheel hubs, brakes, adjustable dampers and wheels already fitted
  • Front and rear lighting
  • GRP dashboard
  • Speedster windshield in Perspex
  • GRP hardtop
  • GFK windshield frame

A 125cc motor scooter with fuel injection is required for completion. Further information on this vehicle and the necessary TÜV approval can be obtained from 3P in 48336 Sassenberg, Tel. 02583-4245.

The special appeal of building your own Messerschmitt.

A body kit for a Messerschmitt is undoubtedly a fascinating way for enthusiasts and lovers of historic vehicles to immerse themselves in the world of classic automobiles. The Messerschmitt, originally a German Kabinenroller car, has a unique history and a distinctive design that is admired by many car enthusiasts around the world. The kit offers the opportunity to revive a piece of automotive history and experience the appeal of these iconic vehicles for yourself. The process usually begins with the careful assembly of the chassis and frame structure. The precise parts of the body kit allow builders to get the true-to-original look of the Messerschmitt.

One of the key components of the kit is, of course, the body itself. It represents the characteristic design of the Messerschmitt with its domed shape and distinctive canopy. The kit manufacturers take great care to use high-quality materials to ensure that the body remains true to the original while meeting modern safety standards. During the assembly process, hobby mechanics can also put their creative skills to good use. The paintwork and the choice of interior fittings offer scope for individual design. Those aiming for a faithful replica can take their cue from historical color schemes and details.

It is important to emphasize that building a Messerschmitt from a body kit requires a certain amount of expertise and craftsmanship.
At the end of the project, however, you will not only have a roadworthy vehicle, but also a piece of living history. The pride of having brought a Messerschmitt back to life from a kit is incomparable for many car enthusiasts. The process of assembling, the attention to detail and the final finished vehicle splendor make building a Messerschmitt from a body kit a unique and rewarding experience for classic car enthusiasts.