Messerschmitt electric cabin scooter KR 202 E

E-mobility defined as it also makes sense

The Messerschmitt cabin scooter is without doubt an automotive icon of the post-war era. But with its electric drive, the new Messerschmitt KR-202 E cabin scooter has finally made the leap into the 21st century! The electric cabin scooter combines classic design with a powerful, highly efficient electric motor and a high-performance battery of the latest generation. Here, e-mobility is finally defined in a way that makes sense: more than three quarters of all cars are driven daily within a radius of barely more than 30 kilometres. Why shouldn’t the way to work, and even more so the way to the end of the day, be fun? The E-cab scooter answers exactly this question. The 12 KW permanent magnet motor accelerates the electric Messerschmitt easily and powerful. The 76,8 volt / 120 Ah lithium-ion battery gives the cabin scooter a comfortable action radius of 110 kilometres. In terms of chassis and bodywork, the Messerschmitt is in no way inferior to its petrol-driven brother: The body, made of multi-layer laminated, glass-fibre reinforced plastic, rests on an extremely torsion-resistant hybrid steel aluminium honeycomb chassis, whose hot-dip galvanised steel elements give the adjustable dampers of the chassis their firm hold. The power of the electric motor is passed on to the tyres with astonishing traction. The tyres measure 120/70-13 at the rear and 140/70-14 at the front to ensure directional stability.

Inside, you only notice the sporty genes of the modern cabin electric scooter at second glance. The seating position, design and customisable interior as well as the matching paint colour exude the charm of the 50s. If you dispense with the typical shape of the hardtop, which can be removed in a few easy steps, the cabin scooter becomes an open roadster. This is how the retro cabin scooter spreads pure racing feeling! Especially if you opt for the sports version, which dispenses with the bonnet altogether and offers the pilot protection from the elements only with a tiny windscreen. You glide into the almost reclining seating position like a Formula 1 driver at his workstation. The Formula 1-style steering wheel has a quick-release function and is not placed on the steering column until you have fastened the three-point automatic seat belt. And when the cockpit display signals to the pilot that his KR-202 E is just waiting for him to step on the accelerator, then a replica suddenly becomes the new, genuine Messerschmitt of the 21st century! And of course all this is available with German certification. General importer 3PPP, together with TÜV-Nord, TÜV-Rheinland & GTÜ, has put the electric cabin scooter built in Spain through its paces, tested it for driving and passenger safety and secured approval for German road traffic for it. This Messerschmitt is officially registered like any other car. It may also be driven with a class 3 or class B driving licence.

Driver's licenceClass 3 or new driving licence class B
Frame / Chassis:Extremely torsion-resistant lattice tube hybrid steel composit chassis. All steel parts hot-dip zinc coated
Car body:GRP. Lockable entrance/door. SPORT version with Perspex windscreen. L&R version with quick-release hardtop.
Engine:QS 12kW Permanent Magnetmotor
Battery System:Li-Ion, 76,8 Volt, 120Ah
Range:max 110km*. Charging time 3,5 to 4,5 hours
Maximum speed:Up to 110km/h* in the L5e version
Driver's seat:Vinyl padded with integrated 3-point automatic harness. Seat position adjustable in length for pilots from 150cm to 195cm.
Back seat:2-piece removable padded, with automatic pelvic belt
Storage compartments:USB socket at the side rear, storage compartments at the side and rear of the bonnet**.
Suspension:4 adjustable oil pressure/spring dampers. Tyres: 140/70-14 rear, 120/70-13 front
Rims:Alloy wheels, at extra cost, aluminium S.I.P. High Performance. Rear: Aluminium (integrated motor)
Steering:F1 Style with quick-release function, but with steering wheel lock. Body: GRP. Lockable entrance/door, Perspex windscreen. Optional at extra cost: Cockpit entry with hardtop (L&C).
Mirror:Left and right in chrome
Brakes:Hydraulic disc brakes on all wheels, 180mm front, 240mm rear
Parking brake:Handbrake mechanically acting on rear disc
Front headlights:LED main headlights with low beam high beam function, LED daytime running lights.
Rear lights:LED indicator, parking/stop light
Dimensions:L295cm X B122cm X H90cm(Sport) H122cm(L&R)
Turning radius:8,9m
Weight:Approx. 250kg (incl. standard battery, ready to drive)
Max. Payload:140kg 2 adults or 1 adult 2 children / luggage
Permitted total weight:360kg Pilot & Co-Pilot or Pilot & Baggage
Start of production:10.01.2024
* Maximum speed and range depend on weight and road conditions.