Messerschmitt KR 202
proven model – most modern technology
the replica of the legendary cabin trolley

The post-war period in Germany required intelligent solutions to the existing transport problems: People had to become mobile, the vehicles had to be able to be built quickly, could not consume too many resources and had to be exceptionally robust while being inexpensive. For when aircraft engineer Fritz Fend set out to design small cars, the infrastructure in Germany was still largely destroyed, the cobblestone roads littered with potholes and inadequately patched. Fend had just designed a spartan “Fend Flitzer” with a 98 cubic centimetre Sachs engine when he met up again with his former employer, Professor Willy Messerschmitt.

From the Messerschmitt KR 200 to the new models KR 202 Sport four-stroke & KR 202 E with electric motor.

The ingenious design, the unique silhouette and the dream of mobility and independence have made the Messerschmitt cabin scooter a legend. But the legend lives on! In the Messerschmitt manufactory in the south of Spain, the new cabin scooter has been very sensitively brought into the 21st century. There, under the direction of the German carmaker and designer Joachim M. Adlfinger, two versions of the cult runabout are being handcrafted. His replica picks up on all the features that made the Messerschmitt a style icon: The Plexiglas cockpit, the round instruments, leather-covered seats with leather and piping colours that can be individually selected to match the vehicle colour. So the unique design and the nimbus of the economic miracle have remained, but the technology is more modern, robust and easy to maintain. The KR 202 Sport is powered by a large-series four-stroke engine from scooter construction. Here we find the drive concept that Fritz Fend and Dr. Messerschmitt devised in the early 1950s. Powerful and full-throttle, it effortlessly accelerates the solid body made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic on a lattice tube frame to top speed. Of course, the engine complies with all currently valid exhaust regulations.
The second version of the cabin scooter finally sets standards and brings a groundbreaking design into the 21st century: Because the KR 202 E is accelerated by an electric drive: A maintenance-free and low-noise electric motor draws its power from high-performance batteries with a long range. It has an easy job with the Messerschmitt and spoils driver and passenger with driving dynamics that Fritz Fend and Willi Messerschmitt could only dream of in their day. When the KR 202 E is charged solely by solar power, you have the good feeling of enjoying maximum driving pleasure with “zero emissions”!
Both drive variants are available with a closed Plexiglas canopy or as a convertible. In addition, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the colours of the interior and paint finish. This makes the Messerschmitt cabin scooter certainly the most individual statement in terms of mobility.